eGovPrint Smartech card samples have been tested by the Fogra Research Association for compliance with the international quality standards. eGovPrint Smartech is certified as compliant with four international standards that represent adherence to best practices

Advanced production technologies ensure durability and security


We are totally devoted to all measures and certificates of international standards (ISO).
We are a green and environmentally friendly factory that provides constant protection to the ozone layer.
We are obliged to meet all safety and regulatory requirements including usage of recyclable materials.

ISO 18001:2007: Health and Safety management system.
ISO 14001: Implementation of Environmental management system.
ISO 9001: Quality management system (QMS).
ISO 27001: Information Data security: confidentiality, integrity, availability.
ISO 22301: Business Continuity management systems (BCMS).
ISO 45001 Health and safety management standard
ISO 14298: Management of Secure Printing Processes (Intergraph).

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